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​by Mike Fluetsch
115 W. Walnut St.
Lodi, Ca. 95240

​Our pool sparkles, thanks to A&B Pool Service! We have a huge redwood tree in our backyard that drops a LOT of stuff in our pool, but A&B Pool Service keeps our pool looking great year-round.

And, as parents of small children, we worry about the use of harsh chemicals to keep our pool clean. It was a major problem with our pool guys in the past. But not anymore. A&B Pool Service has never once over-treated with chemicals.

We have trusted our pool to A&B Pool Service for 5+ years and we couldn’t be happier! 

Thank you Andy & Brandy!

by new pool

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Andy and Brandi for taking such good care of us. As we were having our pool built, the builder suggested we find a start-up? service to take care of our pool the first month. We had our pool finished on the 3rd of July, and noticed a flaw in the plaster while the pool was being filled. Andy and Brandi were there on the morning of the 4th (we called them on the third expressing our concern), and they took pictures. They mean it when they say that they work almost all the time! When the plaster company came, Andy and Brandi were there to make sure that we were taken care of. After the many repair jobs, Andy and Brandi told us that the fixes were inadequate and finally the plaster company agreed to re-plaster the pool.
The plaster company decided that they would do the startup and chemicals. Andy and Brandi went above and beyond the plaster companies service, and kept us informed of what should happen next. Many phone calls were made with the response, we were going to do that the next time we come out.The re-plaster was completed about the 18th of December, so we kept A & B busy the whole holiday season. It was great having a knowledgeable service that had our backs.
Finally, Andy brought it to my attention that I wanted to learn to take care of my pool and maintain it myself. Andy taught me how to test my water, check and clean my equipment, and today, showed me how to clean my filters. How many services would show you how to do their jobs? Andy and Brandi have been a phone call away (cell and home) whenever we needed them (and boy did we need then this past year). We are keeping them on for chemicals (yes, I still need someone to make sure that our investment is kept up), and our pool is the best looking pool in the neighborhood!

Thank you so much,
Ken and Katie

by dissatisfied dad

I wish I had found A&B sooner. After being bounced around from one service to another due to route changes, business closures, bad economic times, or most recently poor performance, I hired A&B to take over where someone else lacked in performance. On their first visit, they tested the water and determined that we had mustard algee due to extreamly high levels of phosphates. (a breeding ground for algee I have learned)

Within a week, our pool was looking great again just in time for an "all important 13th birthday beach themed pool party." Their communication is wonderful.

Upon calling the previous servicer to discuss the high levels of phosphates, I was shocked to find out that was NOT something he checked. You never know who you will be passed off to, or their qualifacations. A&B have been wonderful to work with and my only regret is we didn't find them sooner.

Brad & Wendy

by laura todd

I have been with A&B pool for almost 4 years. Let me tell you they are the greatest! The services that they provide for my family and I are second to none. Along with their low rates...how could you go wrong? Andy and Brandi are not only very professional and knowledgable at what they do, they are also respectful of my property. I can always tell they've been there. Not because they leave a mess but because my pool is sparkling and ready to go. Thanks very much to the staff and owners. You have a customer for life!!!

by JW

These two are a real team. They respond quickly and courteously every time we have to call. Believe me, we have a difficult situation, big trees, big dog. We have tried at least three other services over the years and finally have landed with, I believe, the best in this business. The will do what it takes to get your pool crystal clear and beautiful.

by David

Andy and Brandy started servicing my pool last year. The pool was mirky green, I could no longer see the bottom. All other places I called recommended draining portions of the pool. When Andy came to look at it, he said he could have it back to clear within 2 weeks, I was skeptical, but to my surprise, it was clear in under 2 weeks!! I'm VERY happy with their services! All their services come at an affordable price... the pool stays clear with almost no chlorine smell! Highly recommend! Thanks for your great service!

by Gina

Andy & Brandy are fantastic. My pool is always crystal clear and they are always so responsive to my frantic phone calls. They always come when I need them, and are always patient with my questions. I would (and do) recommend them to everyone!! Thank you A&B, you rock!

by Efren

I want to highly recommend A and B Pool Service...my previous pool people led me to believe that my pool equipment wasn't adequate to maintain my pool blue..Since I have hired A and B...I have been really please...they are very pleasant and helpfull and have been able to enjoy my pool..before it was always a lil green..but since i have had their services its always nice and crystal blue...Thanks again guys...keep up the good work.!!!

by Adam

I just bought a new house and it included a swimming pool. After several, unprofessional, unsuccessful attempts from the original pool company to maintain my pool, A&B was right there to pick up the job. Within one week after A&B serviced my pool, it was right back to looking all clear again. A&B knows what they're doing. Very pleasant to work with and great service. They have helped me tremendously with my pool transition. Thanks A&B. You guy's are the bomb!

by Brian

This is my third year using A & B pool service. They have been absolutely wonderful to work with. Our pool is always looks great. Andrew and Brandy are a very friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. I highly recommend them to anyone, you will not be disappointed

Brian & Melissa in Folsom

by carly

We called A&B Pool Service to do the followup on our pool renovation. They came right out, and came back frequently until the water quality was excellent. We have continued to use their service as they are dependable, knowledgeable, and provide all services regarding pool service. They know what to do and when to do it! We are very satisfied with their service - and they are very congenial. They give 110% on every service. 

Bill & Carlene


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